Why you should volunteer

Volunteering may be giving your time for free BUT it pays you in the long run by..

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At Essex, we aren't just volunteers - we are the VTeam. We have topped the national Student Volunteering Week engagement, had a record 28,000 volunteering hours logged across 20+ projects and 900+ volunteers. All VTeam services are part of your FREEmSU membership, so welcome on board. 

Some of our regular projects include the refugee teaching project, the animal protection project, the wellbeing ambassadors, coding club and the numbers project.  

Volunteering may be giving your time for free BUT it pays you in the long run by... 

  • Adding valuable experience for your CV 

  • Discovering a new passion 

  • Making amazing friends 

  • Helping a cause you care about 

  • Gaining incredible skills 

  • Improving your mental health 

  • Providing talking points for interviews and social situations 

See all of the volunteering projects we have on offer.  

What are the Benefits? 

  1. You’re doing good and giving back to the community! You are helping others who may have had the lack of opportunities through life, or you're shaping children's skills which will make them more successful one day! Whether it's with animals, children, refugees or simply doing litter-picking, volunteering always makes our community grow stronger. 

  1. Volunteering brings people together, allowing you to network, make new friends and extend your social circle. We are a big and diverse group, so you'll always meet new and interesting people and learn about their cultures. 

  1. It impresses future employers - 82% of hiring managers are more likely to choose a candidate with volunteering experience, and 85% of those are willing to overlook other CV flaws when a candidate has actively volunteered. 

  1. You gain experience and skills, from leadership and teamwork to effective time-management, which advance your career and can help you land your dream job! 

  1. It improves your mental health and life satisfaction!  

How to Start Volunteering with VTeam 

  1. Activate your Gradintelligence account to sign up for opportunities. (More about setting up your account and Gradintelligence in general cal be found in our Help section) 

  1. Choose an opportunity, select and register.  

  1. Volunteering time!! 

  1. Record your volunteering hours. (Videos on how to log your hours are in our Help section) 

Awards and Recognition 

Volunteering with VTeam opens the doors for 2 kinds of awards that can be put on your CV. Both types of awards will recognize your hard work and dedication. 

  1. The Big Essex Award - University’s employability and skills award which aims to help identify all the skills you've developed during your time at Essex, so you can show future employers that you really stand out from the crowd. All the extra-curricular and voluntary activities you do while studying (e.g., VTeam, Peer Mentoring, SU Reps...) are recognized and go towards the points for your award. It has 4 different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. So, if you haven't done it yet, this is the perfect time to get started with us! 

  1. The Volunteering Awards - VTeam has a way of rewarding the volunteers and community by organising -year awards for the best roles of Session Leader, Communications Officer, Project Leader, Regular Volunteer of the year, and many others! Every winner gets their award added to their transcript. There are many categories to pick from and anyone can nominate themselves, their friends, or fellow volunteers. Nominations start in April and the link will be shared with all VTeam members. 

Head to our VTeam page to get started and find out more. 


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