#iSUlation Playlists

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Lockdown is tough right? We could all do with some help lifting our spirits during this time.

Music is a universal language and one that we could all use now more than ever.

Whether you've become your own bedroom DJ and want to share what you're mixing, or you have some classics on repeat helping you get through this, spread some joy through the power of music.

Every Friday, we're going to share Spotify playlists created by our community of Essex students.

Each week we'll have a different theme. This way, you can just keep on giving every week!

All you need to do is DM us a link to your Spotify playlist through Facebook or Instagram by Thursday each week and we'll share them below.



Music to bring us together

Playlists that lift your spirits

Sharing your memories through music


This week's theme is: OLD BUT GOLD.

Shout-out to each and every one of you during this time x



We asked and you delivered. Click through below to hear the awesome playlists you shared. Thank you from all of us. Keep sharing the music and love during this time x

Old But Gold Playlist 1 

Old But Gold Playlist 2 

Old But Gold Playlist 3

Old But Gold Playlist 4

Old But Gold Playlist 5



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