Keeping Active While Self-Isolating

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During this time is hard to think of ways we can continue to keep active and healthy when the temptation to sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix all day is stronger than ever but there are lots of fun ways we can keep active at home. 

As lots of gyms, sporting activities and classes are being told to close lots of companies are sharing their lessons online for audiences. There’s lots of fun activities from dance to kick boxing lessons on social media that you can follow along with at home. 

Here are some of our favorite work out sessions from loads of different sports: 


Theatres were some of the first companies asked by the government to close but ballet companies have come up with creative ways to teach their public lessons online. You can stream full hour-long sessions on social media from some of the best talent working in the UK. 

You can check out the English National Ballet Youtube channel for regular live streams from dancer Tamara Rojo. 

Hip-hop, Latin and Fusion 

If ballet isn’t your style, there are lots of modern dance tutorials and work out sessions online. YouTube channel Les Mills collaborated with choreographer Gandalf Archer for 20-minute hip hop work out sessions. You can watch part onepart two, and part three online. 

POPSUGAR fitness host 30-minute dance fusion workouts including Latin dance and kickboxing on YouTube with professional trainers. 

HIIT and Cardio 

For anyone who would like a more intense work out there are lots of online cardio sessions to watch and exercise alongside including body combatintense HIIT work outs and GRIT cardio.  


While self-isolating it's important to look after our mental health, for a more relaxed exercise Yoga is the perfect mix of exercise and relaxing. You can find varying degrees of difficulty online from easy relaxation to intense all-round exercises to follow.   

Top tip! Ask your gym 

If you have a gym membership you can contact them and ask if they are hosting any online training sessions for members.  


While we have more time it's important to take a moment and look at the environment around us. Going outside for a short walk once a day can help us to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. 

It's important during this time to remember the importance of social distancing and ensuring we remember the government restrictions of one walk a day alone or with a member of your household while maintaining a safe distance from others while outside. 

You can find a list of local Southend walking routes here.  


If you give any of these a try, make sure to share your tips of social media with us!  

Or join our Facebook COVID-19 support group  


Stay well, 

Love your SU Southend team xx 


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