Taking care of your mental health

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With everything that is going on, you may be worried about the affect this is having on your mental health.  

Finding ourselves in a head space we’ve never been before can have a massive impact on the way we view ourselves and the world around us. Now more than ever it’s important to take care of not only our physical health but our mental health as well. 

There are lots of resources you can access either online, over the phone, or put into practice yourself at home, that can help you through this time and support you. 

Many mental health charities are providing information accessible online, here are some online resources you can access if you are worried about your mental wellbeing: 

SU Advice 

SU Advice is currently operating an online service for students who have any wellbeing concerns. You can contact them to book a 1-2-1 appointment via email or calling 07395 955656 / 07511 303169 between 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. 

University Wellbeing team 

The Wellbeing team will be operating an online service. Students can contact the wellbeing team via this online form and indicate whether they wish an appointment by phone, zoom or skype. You can find the online form here

Things you can do at home to help your wellbeing 

Try limiting your news intake and don’t believe everything you hear – If you are worried about COVID-19 you can take steps to make sure you are intaking the right amount of news and updates. For example, try and read the top headlines provided by the government or public health, these will be the confirmed fact and could help you to minimize your anxiety. 

Take time to yourself – Remember self-care is extremely important and making sure you have time to focus on your own wellbeing is important, take the time to log out from social media and screens to spend time to yourself. Take time to slow down, read a book, go for a slow walk (while remembering social distancing guidelines). 

Stay in touch with friends and family – It's important to remember to keep talking during this time, even a quick phone call of text message to a friend or family member can make a big difference. Try hosting video calls and look online to see what kind of online social activities you can join.  

Finally remember that this time will pass and there are experts working across the globe to make sure we can move pass this time.  


We hope you all stay well and remember we are all still here to support you though this time. You can keep in touch with us via social media and join our COVID-19 support group  

If you would like to raise any questions or concerns please contact 

Love your SU Southend Team xx 


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