What Happened at Southend Student Parliament?

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There were multiple discussions around the Southend Big 4, focusing on the issues around Tailored Academic Skills and Modules (i.e. more technical assistance needed, preparations for auditions) and teachers lacking information on the transgender issues. Suggested solutions included workshops and compulsory transgender training for students and staff. Hidden costs issues with E15 (production skills, cost of costumes and makeup) were also raised, as well as problems with the laundry machines. Solutions include the costs being made transparent and included in the course handbook, and a possible review of the laundry contract in 2020. Issues around mental health, including the E15 students not being able to attend SU events as they clash with their timetables, and lack of activities in the common rooms and Just Play have been brought to our attention. Multiple solutions have been taken into consideration. The SU Lounge issues (i.e. size, lack of food diversity) have been addressed, and issues around the environment and safety around campus (lack of lighting, access to 5th floor) were discussed. The SU and University will look into the suggested solutions for all of the issues raised and find the best solution for the Southend students.


The top issues raised have been splitting the part time officers roles per campus, and the possibility of introducing more roles at Southend campus (Mature, BAME, LGBT+, Women and Student parents officers).

Another suggestion was to introduce Sabbatical officer for E15, Health and Business School. Issues were raised with this and it will be looked into further.

The chair raised the issue of lack of student representatives and asked that the elections which will be held in January will be advertised widely and all students are made aware of the elections.

New job descriptions for the Sabbatical Officers were proposed to a vote.



Vote passed on having the part time officers split per campus. The new job descriptions passed the vote as well.


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