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Our main aim is to educate, elevate and inspire. 

Educate - As young diasporas we have a uniqueness to us that differs from the home residents of this country, in that we are away from our culture. Our main aim is to educate Ghanaians in our university as well as the diverse range of students from other countries across the world on the traditions of our beautiful homeland Ghana.


Elevate - As young Ghanaians we want to not only elevate ourselves and each other but also our country. We want to reach new heights for Ghanaians in Britain and those back home, by promoting economic growth and development for Ghana.


Inspire - As Ghanaians we see the potential our county has to be greater. We aim to motivate others to be able to recognise this potential and help us to take the necessary measures to develop our country. We aim not solely to be influential people in the Ghanaian community at Essex but all over the UK. 


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