Life Science


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What Is The Life Sciences Society?

The Life Sciences Society consists of all the courses under and over the Department of Life Sciences. We aim to serve as your handbook for your course at the University. The society aims to bring together people studying the Sciences to form a sense of community and help everyone navigate their way through university. 

We focus on the modules and academia pertaining to the sciences, but just cause you don't do a science course doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits of our Society. This membership is open to all, so come along for the ride!


What We Aim To Do:

Our aim as stated above is to be your guidebook 101 to the basics of Life Sciences. We thrive to be your supportive network when you're up at 2:00am thinking of which paper to reference for the most grades. 
With group study sessions, revision sessions, paper analysis, field trips, and MORE! We hope to provide you with the knowledge and peers you could find no where else [yes, we stand by that.] 






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