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                  ***Due to unforseen circumstances the society won't be operating any activities or meetings for the rest of the academic year. Apologies. ***                              

To any freshers or returning students with a nerdy side, why don't you think about joining up for comic soc!


These words have framed some of the most amazing stories of our time. From caped crusaders to scintillating scif-fi, we've seen mind-bending horrors and the great questions of the modern world posed in the painted pages of graphic novels. But having these great stories just isn't enough when you have no one else to talk about them with. Whether it's reading, drawing or writing them, watching their movies or going to conventions, in our society you'll find people who love comics. With the support and fun of a society backing you 

The Comic Book Society is recently founded but we make up for our lack of establishment with the sort of big dreams and aspirations that helped create the superheroes we know and love all embodied by our executive team.

Our Executives:

President                          Cara Kane  -

Treasurer                          Mike Moore                                                

Secretary                          Tyler Pavitt                     

Feel free to email/facebook any of us with any questions you may have about the society, or come up in person at any of our events. We're always ready to chat. We'll be at the following events during Fresher's this year:




There's nothing here at the moment. Check back soon




There aren't any elections running right now