Night Ninjas


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Night Ninja's

We are the Night Ninjas: Volunteers of the University of Essex. We are the sober friends of party goers or anyone who needs it, we give you someone to talk to, help you get back to your nice warm bed or a safe bed for the night. We also help relocate lost friends or lost items if we can. Anything you need, we can help, either by us or by sending you the right people who can!

We also provide free bottled water to anyone who wants it.

Please feel free to Join the society, Facebook Group and Volunteer to help us help everyone!

Society Exec Committee

President - Alessia Mourkogianni (                                                                                   Treasurer - Marie Breton (        

Secretary - Adam Woodhouse (                                                                                       Training Officer - Michael Barham (                                                                                             



Regular Meeting Times, Socials and Events

We have regular shifts weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm until sub zero shuts.

Every fortnight we hold a meeting to update our members what is going on within the society and whether there are any new training that need to be made aware of.


Want to train as a Ninja Supervisor? 

Supervisor Training -

This involves preparing for the shift, supervising Ninja's on shift and packing up at the end of the shift

The training requires Ninja's to complete 5 shifts from starting with Night Ninja's and a supervised acting- supervisor shift to check you understand the responsibilities and are confident within the role.


Society Aims

1. To make everyone's night safer and more enjoyable on campus

2. to offer a friendly society for everyone to enjoy and have the opportunity to volunteer


Society Objectives

1. Offering friendly faces for those who need or want one

2. Getting people home or to a safe bed for the night

3. Support if you are getting harassed

4. To be a sober friend


Other Information about us

If you don't have the time to spare of feel uncomfortable volunteering yourself, you may want to consider buying membership to our society. With the funds we raise from this we buy our volunteers products to keep them safe and to help organize some of the great events we hold - as you can see below. You will also be put onto our contacts list for any fun society events we run this year!

Eden Springs water and coffee machines

Eden Springs water and coffee machines

The Society - Events

  • Su Bar - We met up in the Su Bar on campus to have a few drinks and to get to know each other better.
  • Level Up with Sci-Fi, Comic Book and Anime & Manga Societies
  • St Johns Training - St John's came to one of our fortnightly meetings to provide basic first aid training to our members
  • Jump Street Collab. with Sci-Fi 
  • Drunk Handling Training - Teaching our volunteers how to handle drunk people including do's and dont's
  • Radio Training and General Meeting - how to use the radios we use on shift and other info volunteers need to know
  • Derby Day Volunteering (Day and Night) - We will be helping out on Derby Day making sure everyone is safe
  • Two Inductions Training sessions opened to non-members in both terms
  • GM with 18 Members successfully run in First Term Thanks everyone!
  • GM with 19 Members joining us to hear all our important updates your awesome everyone!

The Society - Fundraising

                                                 This year we have held fundraising opportunities for our members - here's some of the photos from this!

                        Winter Fayre - We held a stall at the winter fayre which was the Rudolf Carrot Pick. A new and creative idea which was a lot of fun! We raised £35!!


                             Fundraising for supplies - Members of our society spent 11-3pm on the squares making and selling pancakes :) We raised £100!



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