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You can expect a year filled with energetic and varied events that will take your breath away and stay in your memory forever. The events will range from having a chill poker evening to enjoying heart pumping beats from back home. We're looking forward to welcoming you to our society, don't be shy to come by and say 'Privet', 'Salam' or a regular 'Hi'. Everyone is welcome!

Programme for 2021/2022:

- Drinking Nights

- Society Collaborations

- Beer Pong

- Poker/Mafia Nights

- Russian Celebrations

- Victory Day

- And more...



Executives 2021/22: 

President - Mark Shcherba -

Treasurer - John Lound -

Secretary - Sergejs Mezeckis -

Welfare Officer - Liudmila Mikheeva -

COVID Officer - John Lound -

Events Officer - Evelina Mezennaja -



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