Music Production


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Who are we?

We’re a society for every music enthusiast, musician, producer, DJ, rapper or vocalist. Our aim is to allow you to express yourself musically however you wish, and for it to be heard and appreciated.

For music enthusiasts

Just love music? That's great. The Music Production Society is home to a wide range of talented DJs and producers who are happy to share their creations with you. Not only that, but we hold socials that bring us all together to appreciate good music. 

For producers, musicians, rappers and vocalists

Whether you're just getting started, or you're already an experienced musician, we're here to provide a platform for you to find like-minded musicians to get involved with and even collaborate with. Just finished a track that you're really proud of? Post a link on our Facebook page in order to get some honest feedback and critique in order for you to up your game.

Not only this, but we also host workshops and talks held by our more experienced members. These workshops will cover all sorts of topics ranging from beginner talks about the basics of producing all the way up to sound design using synthesis and mastering techniques.

For DJ's

Don't worry if you've never DJ'd before - now's your chance. We'll be holding workshops not only on production techniques but also on DJing techniques for you to hone your skills. Once you're ready, we give you the opportunity to perform our socials which celebrates our collective love for music.

Got some questions or want to get involved? Talk to us!

This society is only possible thanks to you guys, the members. Have some ideas for what we could do this year? Let us know.


President Krittikan Aravindan
Secretary Lukas Kudirka
Treasurer Eric Boisson


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