Welcome to the Game Dev Society!

Do you like playing games? Ever thought about creating one? Are you interested in the game industry?

The Game Development Society holds socials, workshops, industry events, and term-long game jams. Join us for a supportive group of like-minded people all interested in games!

What we do

As a society, our goal is to provide our members with a creative environment where you can learn more about game development, no matter your starting point or skill level. Interested, but don't want to code? Don't worry, there are so many parts of game development with nothing to do with coding - writing, art, or music, for instance.

Here are some of our events...

GAME JAMS:  Each term, we hold a term-long game jam where members can work together to produce a game according to a preset theme, and potentially win a prize! This terms theme is "Why do I hear boss music?".   We also encourage our members to take part in external Game Jams as a team, such as the GGJ - and advertise them regularly in our server.

INDUSTRY EVENTS: Want to enter the games industry? We host talks and panels from all sorts of people involved in making games, giving you the perfect insight to what your career could be like.

WORKSHOPS: Members and non-members alike are welcome to take part in our workshops, where we teach about different facets of game development & game engines such as Unity. They're suitable for all skill levels and a great way to learn, so feel free to come along!

SOCIALS: We're not just about learning! The game development society holds lots of socials throughout the year, where we host nights out, quizzes, and game nights!

Want to take part in any of this? Join our discord (discord.gg/WZxmSZzkjB) or pick up a free membership!      

Contact Us

To keep up with society events, check out our links below. You can also pick up our membership for completely free! :)


If you wish to email us you can email Joseph at jw21380@essex.ac.uk.





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