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Welcome to the GameDev Society!

Our society aims to teach you all about game development from worldbuilding to character creation, from game design to game programming and from teamwork to managing your own indie company. We promote CREATIVITY, TEAMWORK and PERSEVERANCE, but most importantly you'll find in us a FAMILY! 


The Game Development Society holds weekly meetings, game-related events and workshops, team-buildings and socials.

WEEKLY MEETINGS:  This year we will be focusing on developing skills and ideas through workshops in order to work towards a small game together. Meetings will also include socials during which we will do some fun activities!                             

EVENTS: We encourage our members to participate in the global Game Jam, Hackathon and the society's own private Game Jam as well. We've also hosted Escape Rooms. This year we plan to go to an escape room, challenge each other at Quasar and have a Mario Kart tournament as well as working together with other societies!

Pics from previous game jams and escape rooms:






WORKSHOPS: Members and non-members are welcome to take part in the workshops which are aimed to help you become familiar with game software such as Unity! 

SOCIALS: GameDev Society holds regular socials where we either player board games, have nights out or take part in the weekly quiz, hence why we are a tight family. We also go to paintball from time to time.Take a look at some of our socials:



Interested, but not a programmer?

Don't worry! Game Development isn't just about programming. A proper game needs art, soundtracks, a design and even voice acting! Your strength does not need to lie in the technical category to contribute to game development. We've even had members who had never programmed before and started out with us, because the society wants to improve your skills and compliment your CV at the same time.

If you wish to be kept up to date with future events, meetings or simply get to know the society you can join our facebook group and / or discord down below...


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