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Whether you are new to yoga or a returning member, we’re excited to welcome you, even if it’s just through the screen at the moment :) 

The Yoga & Meditation society is a friendly and open network for like-minded members with similar goals of mental and physical well-being. We practice a variety of yoga and meditation classes, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!


One of the core values of the Yoga & Meditation society is that we welcome members from all backgrounds to participate in our activities and events, no matter their previous experience or unique ideas. You can be a beginner or an expert to the practice, yet we accept and appreciate each and every one of you.

We offer different levels of yoga classes, meditation groups, interesting workshops and other events. We hope to help our community have a happier and healthier university experience by providing a platform where we can learn, develop and socialize.

Being at university can be very overwhelming, especially during these challenging times when we often find ourselves stuck at home. It’s important to take a breath, chill out, and take time for your mind and body. Our society gives you this opportunity by creating a space of support and solidarity.


Each week we offer a schedule of classes which are free for our members to take part in - you're welcome to come to as many of these classes as you would like to. Our current class timetable is:

Monday 6.30pm Hatha with Paula

Tuesday 6.30pm Vinyasa with Olivia

Thursday 6.30pm Yin with Tymee

Saturday 11am Vinyasa with Laura

Yoga classes and meditation sessions are taught by qualified teachers.

Due to COVID-19 all classes and meditation sessions this term will be exclusively on Zoom.

Additionally each month we run special ticketed events to help fund the society and keep our free classes running.

We are an active society and take part socially in lots of collaborative events with other societies, sports clubs and volunteering projects.

We have a charity event in the planning for this summer where we will be hosting a sponsored Sun Salutation-athon!

We are always keen to hear about your ideas for the society, so please get in touch if there's an event that you would like for us to organise or if you have any other ideas for the group.

More details of specific classes/sessions/events will be posted on our facebook group and Instagram page and emailed out to members.



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