The Black Social and Political Society (BSPS) was created to serve students and provide a friendly political forum for students who wish to learn and discuss issues within the Black community. Throughout the year, we will host a number of events, debates, guest speakers, volunteering schemes, social visits, career opportunities, etc. We encourage anyone and everyone to join, so sign up and come to our next event.

We aim to:
• Raise awareness of social and political issues affecting the Black community.
• Create a thriving community that is able to engage in political debate and discourse for everyone, regardless of your knowledge of politics.
• Educate and intellectually empower students about Black politics and history.
• Organise a number of events, talks, debates, political movements that cover a range of social/political issues.
• Build close relationships with charities, volunteering schemes and companies that help with students’ career prospects.
• Collaborate with other societies to host joint events and give each other mutual support.

Irrespective of your race or background, we'd love to hear your opinion!





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