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"I am for Socialism because I am for humanity" - Eugene V. Debs


The University of Essex Socialist Society is independent from all political parties, and is a platform for all Socialists and those interested. We promote equality for all, democracy, and fight all kinds of oppression.  

***Meetings - Friday, 7pm in room 5B.330*** 

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  • The Socialist Society unequivocally stands in favour of universal human equality, and against all forms of economic and social forms of cohesion and oppression.


  • A welcoming environment for students to engage in discussions and meetings around socialist ideas and principles, and the means of their implementation.


  • A better representation of Socialists and the Left Wing as a whole, on campus and nationally


  • To facilitate political engagement and activism in causes that are in line with socialist thinking, and political parties that advance socialist ideas.


  • To provide events and socials that promote the general welfare of its membership, and act to facilitate greater understanding of socialist principles.


  • To stand in solidarity with other societies that promote equality and fairness.


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