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With our society and environment in view, our aim at Dominion City is to create an atmosphere that provides for the development for the whole person. We believe changed people change societies. Therefore, our aim is to raise people into leaders capable of attaining positive societal impact. Raising leaders that transform society. Through the education of the human heart, we believe one can come to understand purpose, develop character and procreate solution for the society around them. We believe Jesus loves us and crafted each of us for a unique reason and this is what drives our passion – to help people understand this truth and utilize it in changing their world, to influence their sphere of society for the better. 

Our objectives as a society is to: 
1) To help people understand purpose
2) To help develop character in accordance to that purpose
3) To help gear people towards the attainment of that purpose for the betterment of the world around them.



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