Southend Coloured Theatre


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* To bring about awareness about issues in the coloured society through performance.                                                      

* To educate society about the history of Africa and the Caribbean through performance.                                                    

*To potentially eliminate the barrier between black actors and other ethnicities.                                                          

*To create opportunities for performers to study interesting and enlightening topics alongside their current degrees.                                          

*To create a theatre company which deals with the above topics, a place where future aspiring actors could join upon graduation at University of Essex.


*To create performances throughout the year which highlight issues within the coloured society as well as appreciating the history of Africa and the Caribbean.         

*To encourage people of other ethnicities to learn about Afro-Caribbean culture through enlightening and entertaining performances at least once a term.        

*To hold shows that brings together University of Essex students and East 15 Acting School.

*To create a fun environment in which students from all backgrounds could showcase their talents whilst learning about cultures similar or in some cases different to their own.


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Southend Coloured Theatre Society 2018/19 Committee Election

This is your opportunity to vote for your executive members for the 2018/19 academic year, even if you’re not planning to run for a position yourself please ensure that you vote as who runs your society next year will play a large part in how successful it is. FOR YOUR ELECTION TO COUNT YOU MUST ACHIEVE A QUORACY OF 25% OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP VOTING OR 30 MEMBERS (whichever number is smaller). If you wish to nominate yourself for a position please ensure that you upload a manifesto, you also have the option to upload a photo. PLEASE ENSURE YOU DO THIS WITH PLENTY OF TIME BEFORE NOMINATIONS CLOSE if you have any problems email You do not need to submit a paper manifesto. All members of the society that are current students are eligible to put themselves forward for all committee positions and have the right to vote.

4 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 10:00 on Monday 26 February 2018 (in 2 days and 17 hours)

The polls open at 14:00 on Monday 5 March 2018 (in 9 days)

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