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The Henna Society is entering it's very first year, and all of us are incredibly excited to see it kick off! 

The Henna Society is going to an interactive, social society where students of all skill levels can come and cultivate their henna skills. We'll be hosting weekly henna sessions per week, henna cones will be provided, so will stencils and other types and colours of henna. The aim of the society is to teach people henna, so that they can do it to others or themselves and to make new friends. We'll also be doing henna stalls in and around campus from time to time, so come, meet and get to know us as we'd all love to get to know you! Just have fun and go a little wild with your artistic side, the Henna Soc is an incredibly open-minded, diverse society with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

We'll be hosting weekly henna sessions every week, teaching new skills, using different colours and learning about henna after-care.

So if you're a artistic and a little unsure about what you should be doing at Essex, come along to the Henna Society as it is the perfect place to get started! 



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