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Welcome to the University of Essex Sexual Awareness Society!!

We are a recently reopened society that hopes to be a genuinely inclusive environment where anyone, regardless of previous knowledge, experience, sexuality, gender identity or political belief is welcome.

We rarely have the chance to openly talk about sex and relationships in today's society without being judged or feeling uncomfortable. The Sexual Awareness Society wants to change that. We want to break taboos, challenge myths and end misconceptions.

We will host regular meetings and debates, along with a variety of drinking and non-drinking socials, in order to offer something for everyone. We will also fundraise for and do outreach work with charities that support our aims, as well as running campaigns on campus, in order to truly make a difference. Join us!


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  • To educate members on consent, aspects of sexuality and healthy sexual practices and provide a platform for them to share their skills and knowledge
  • To provide a space for members to voice their opinions and debate political issues in a safe, mediated environment
  • To create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to socialise
  • To work towards sexual liberation and better access to sexual health support. To work against sexual shaming of any kind and sexual harassment on campus


  • Execs to run regular workshops and allow members to run workshops too, directly supported by the exec
  • To run regular, moderated discussions and debates, in which members are encouraged to address the opinion, not the person
  • To organise regular socials in which all attendees are required to adhere to the Society’s House Rules
  • To fundraise for charities that further our aims, lobby for better sexual health support and run education campaigns on campus 


Useful links 

If you have any problems or concerns you can email our Welfare Officer Joe Eales at 

If you have a non-welfare dispute with another member you can email our Disputes Officer Joel West at





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