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Welcome to the Univeristy of Essex Sexual Awareness Society!

We are a fairly new society that hopes to achieve great changes on this univeristy, and beyond. We rarely have the chance to openly talk about sex and relationships in today's society without being judged or feel uncomfortable. The Sexual Awareness Society wants to change that. We want to break taboos, challenge myths and end misconceptions, in order to truly make a difference.

Anyone, regardless of previous knowledge or experience is welcome, as we truly believe our aims concern everyone. We host weekly meetings where we discuss important topics related to our aims, and host regular socials for us to feel comfortable around eachother. Join us! 


  • To raise awareness regarding consent and sexual health
  • To work towards sexual liberation, and against slut and prude shaming 
  • To create a safe and accepting environment to discuss sex and relationships 
  • To end misconceptions, myths, and taboos regarding sex 


  • To hold regular meetings to discuss important and current topics
  • To work towards better acces to sexual health support 
  • To work against sexual haressment on campus
  • To collaborte with as many other societies and clubs as possible to promote sexual awareness

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If you have any problem or concern you are unsure who to talk to about, you can email our president at <3 




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