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'Hungarikum' if you're familiar with the Hungarian culture, you might've heard of the word before. This society aims to represent, explore and introduce the meaning behind this word, to students all across the university - through discovering Hungarian traditions, language, history, folk music and dances. 

By joining us, you get to meet our culture through trips and socials, special events and regular meetups where we discuss interesting topics about Hungary as well as explore its uniqueness through food and music.

Did you know?

  • While Hungary is surrounded by countries with Slavic and Germanic languages belonging to the Indo-European language family, Hungarian does not. Hungarian belongs to the Uralic language group and there's no other language very close to it.
  • Rubik's cube has been created by the famous Hungarian professor of architecture, Erno Rubik, among the 'Magic Snake' and the 'Rubik's magic'.
  • Our longest word is 'megszentsegtelenithetetlensegeskedeskeitekert', meaning something like 'due to your (plural) cannot-be-desecratednessoussings'.
  • Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe with its foundation year of 895.


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