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TEDx University of Essex:

Who are we?


We believe in connecting people

through shared ideas. We aim to bring together people with ideas worth spreading

to inspire others to further their own. Our annual event enriches our community

and paves the way for other great ideas to rise.


Our goals:


  • Create an opportunity for people to share their ideas.

  • Address key issues, from the impact of beauty standards to the effect of fear on our lives.

  • Enrich the community by giving a platform to students and professionals to share their ideas.

  • Design a fun and engaging event in a welcoming environment.

  • Develop organisational and time management skills, efficient communication and team work through workshops, our weekly meetings and the planing of events.


What can you expect as a member?


  • Weekly society meetings - every thursday at 6pm UK time

  • Socials - to have fun and get to know the other members.

  • Workshops and events - in collaboration with other societies, external speakers or even just amongst ourselves. As a member of our society we encourage you to tell us your ideas of what activities you'd like to see happen.

  • Our final TEDx event - planned by the society, from the poster to the speakers and the performers, a unique experience and great for your CV! As you can see below, we now have the theme. But we cannot do this without you!



Certainties in uncertain times:

Although it’s not yet clear to what extent the pandemic will influence the run of societies and our final TEDx event, it is certain we will be waiting for all that want to join us with activities and meetings online if needed and in person if possible.

Don’t wait until the next event to meet us, contact us through email or social media, be it with questions about the society, uni life or ideas for next year at any time.




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