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Left Society

The University of Essex Left Society is an organisation dedicated to the assembly and association of Essex students on the left, through which discussion and organisation can happen.

What We Do

  • Last year we organised with 'Essex Students Support the Strike' and UCU in solidarity with our striking lecturers and GTAs by postering, leafletting, being present on the picket and, of course, pursuing and providing tea and coffee to strikers.
  • We give talks periodically on a range of topics such as a recent talk entitled 'Against Freedom', which considered how useful the concept and rhetoric of freedom is to leftists.

Our Exec

  • President - Olivia Smead (os18751@essex.ac.uk)
  • Secretary – Edward Wilson (ew19114@essex.ac.uk)
  • Welfare Officer – Ben Davies (bd18387@essex.ac.uk)  

Please feel free to contact members of our executive with any questions you may have.


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