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The Brazilian Society aims to be open to any person who is either Brazilian or interested in Brazilian culture. The Brazilian culture is very warm and welcoming thus we are intent on making anyone feel welcome regardless of ethnicity, cultural background, identity, etc.

The primary aim of the Brazilian Society is to be a safe, homely place for any Brazilian that happens to be studying at University of Essex. One of the most difficult parts of studying at Uni is being away from home, specifically when you are so far away from home. We aim to provide a place where Brazilians can find a sense of home.

Another aim that the Brazilian Society has is promoting a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Living away from home and having to study can be extremely stressful and we often neglect to take care of ourselves and treat our bodies with kindness. This is aimed for anyone who needs it, particularly those suffering with homesickness or just needing a helping hand.


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