Red Essex


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Who are we?

Hi! We're Red Essex, a highly active left-wing society with many exciting events coming up! We welcome anyone who cares about equality and wants to make a real difference; whether you're a Socialist, Communist, Leftist  (or not entirely sure!); all you need is a desire for a brighter future.  You don't need an extensive knowledge, just empathy for marginalised communities. 

Our current projects:

- Creating an environment to encourage the development of political ideas through discussion.

- Supporting the strikes (by joining the picket line and encouraging students to do the same!)

- Joining as many progressive protests as possible!

Want to get involved?

Find us on Instagram (@redessex) to join our Whatsapp groupchat and meet other members! 


Any questions? Feel free to contact one of the executives below.

Yury (President):

Safiyyah (Secretary):

Johann (Treasurer):

Gracie (Welfare):



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