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Welcome to the BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY society!


At it's core, our society came from an urge to contribute to a beneficial change in the financial, social and governmental systems of our world. The existence of this society will result in further recognition and acknowledgement of Blockchain technology, which we believe serves as a tool for greater transparency and control over our personal data.


Aims and objectives:

  • Our main goal is to inform and educate people about some of the applications of this technology.
  • We intend to provide a platform for discussion and sharing kowledge.
  • We will also facilitate practical activities to further understanding of Dapps ( decentralised applications) and Cryptocurrencies.


What do you get as a member?

  1. You will gain practical knowledge. If you're focused on cryptocurrencies, we will teach you how to use exhanges to buy and sell, how best to store those assets as well as the best tools for researching.   
  2. You will get to network with future guest speakers who are currently working with Blockchain technology in their industry.
  3. You will be part of a like-minded community that will help make this space more transparent for you and others who want to learn without being judged. 
  4. The opportunity to speak about or present a topic of your intrest related to our Society. 
  5. Most important of all, you'll have a lot of fun at our non-formal events. 



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