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The Women in Law Society’s main goal is to ensure a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for students who identify as women looking to pursue a career in the legal sector.

As female law students, we are challenging a male-dominated profession and striving to create a community in which students feel comfortable sharing their aspirations, dreams, or struggles. Students who do not identify as women and would like to be educated on gender equality in the workplace are welcome to join.

We aim to raise awareness of gender equality in the legal sector. We will do this by inviting women in the legal sector to share their experiences with us, allowing us to learn about the unique challenges women face in legal professions.

This year we’re really excited to announce our partnership with the Commercial Law Academy. The CEO, Jake Schogger is an ex-Magic Circle lawyer who has created content from past mentoring experiences with aspiring lawyers. The CLA have over 200 lessons and hundreds of articles from industry experts as well as helpful tips, insider insights and exclusive guidance and more!

The Women in Law Society also provides opportunities to network with legal professionals through talks and Q&As.

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