Lend a Hand


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The LEND A HAND Project

Lend a Hand is a regular project that has a big impact on the community shown by our two-year running award from Braintree District. We work with adults who may have mild learning difficulties tutoring in basic literacy and numeracy skills, job search, and in any other skills related to self-improvement.

Currently, we are teaching the learners to use Samsung tablets - e.g. Google, Apps, the internet, - all really simple and easy to teach stuff. Over time, students can see the regular attendees grow in confidence and become happier individuals.

No training is required for this and you can turn up one week and not be committed if its not your thing.


Email one of us for any questions you might have:

Communications Officer:    Matt          ma19869@essex.ac.uk

Project Leader:                  Dakshita    dm20542@essex.ac.uk




Saturdays: 10:20am - c2:00pm


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