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We are the official study group at Uni. We meet 3 times a week for 3 different study sessions. We also hold fun activities such as quiz's, scavenger hunts and drinking socials too. 

Our first study session is all about note taking, planning and how to organise your notes. We offer materials and advice on how to organise yourself. We also discuss different study methods such as the Pomodoro Methord or the Box Method. This is a chance for you to discover what works for you and to put it into practice.

Our secound study session is all about Essay writing. In this session we discuss the best ways to plan and write your essays. We look at different methods and different ways to organise and plan out your essay's. It's also a chance to gain feedback from other students and to discover what planning methods work for you.

Our third study session is all about revision. This doesn't just include revision for exams, it can also just be for memorizing facts or revising your lecture notes. In this session, we can learn different techniques on how to memorize, revise or learn from our notes. This is also a chance to have other students help you prep for any exams and/or to retain some knowledge. 


We're not all about just studying, we will also hold some fundraising events, social activities and fun games. We want to make this a fun society where we can learn but also socialize with other students. It's a chance to make friends and to have fun at the same time.


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