Essex Spirituality Society


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Essex Spirituality Society provides a community for students interested in exploring consciousness, healing, authentic connection, mindfulness, and the weird and wonderful! We are a new society (est 2023) with a mission to bring spiritual students and those interested in spirituality together in a fun, safe, open-minded and welcoming environment. 



  • Provide a shared community for people to learn more about topics and practices within the space of spirituality.

  • Create a dedicated space for people interested in spirituality to meet, explore and build relationships with each other.

  • Enable the creation and sharing of insights, ideas and relationships between members and interested students, and outer speakers on spiritual topics. 



  • Create a community of registered members and interested students via the Student’s Guild and social media to establish a platform for engagement. 

  • Host and organise a number of dedicated events for exploring spiritual topics and practices (e.g meditation) for members and interested students. 

  • Enable students and members to hold talks and workshops of their interest in the field of spirituality, within the student community


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