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What is Socialist Worker Student Society (SWSS)?

SWSS is a network of socialist groups on campus. We hold regular events where we talk about socialist ideas and politics. We also are involved in campaigns against racism, climate change, sexism and war. These events are open to all students. We hold regular campaign stalls on campus.

What does SWSS believe in?

We believe in a socialist world where people come before profit. We are against all forms of racism, sexism and oppression.

What are the aims of SWSS?

We aim to hold events for students to debate socialist ideas, but also to get students organized to fight back against the ills of society – racism, sexism, climate change, austerity and more.

What events does SWSS hold?

Most SWSS groups hold weekly or biweekly political meetings that are open to all. These meetings discuss a range of political issues – socialism, black lives matter, Palestine, climate change and more. We also help mobilise students for social justice issues. We mobilise for local and national demonstrations.

What makes SWSS different from other societies?

Some groups on campus talk about politics. In SWSS we think the point is to change the world. So we do hold talks about politics, but we do that in order to help mobilise students.



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