Growing Together


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We're a friendly, inclusive community for students who want to improve their lives while creating meaningful relationships at university. We encourage all of our members to go outside of their comfort zones as much as possible and try to organise events to cater to this. Our society is all about personal growth, networking, and forming deeper relationships with fellow students, a space where members are encouraged to learn and evolve together. From sharing budget-friendly healthy recipes to fun community fitness challenges and exciting collaborations with other societies, we've got something for everyone. 

We explore different personal development and self-improvement topics through group discussions, and there's always something fresh and exciting happening. Plus, we love hosting fun, non-alcoholic socials like game nights, sports taster sessions, and TEDx screening nights to help fuel your motivation and inspire each other. 

To join our WhatsApp group chat, you can email or dm us on Instagram @growessex. 


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