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With a long history that has been shaped by its location at the crossroads of various civilizations, Iranian society is a complex and diverse culture and has recently been deeply influenced by its Middle Eastern traditions. The society will gather all people around the world especially Iranian and people from other countries with the same society like Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to each other and will try to present a dazzling display of customs to others.

Widely spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan with a large number of speakers in other countries as well, Persian, also known as Farsi, is one of the world's oldest and richest expressive languages with complex grammar and a rich vocabulary. The society will gather all Persian (Farsi) language speakers together and will try to expose the beauty of the Persian language to others.

Inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as a cultural tradition observed by numerous peoples, NOWRUZ is a time of happiness and unity that brings people together to celebrate the start of a new year and wish one another good health and success in the year ahead. NOWRUZ is an ancestral festivity marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. It promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families as well as reconciliation and neighborliness, thus contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples and different communities. NOWRUZ is one of the most important holidays in Iran and other countries with Persian cultural heritage, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and parts of Central Asia. Society will hold NOWRUZ and similar events to bring people from the four corners of the world close together.

Has a strong literary tradition, with a rich heritage of poetry and literary works dating back many centuries, Persian poetry, in particular, is highly valued, and poets such as Hafez, Khayyam, Molana, Rumi, Ferdowsi, and Saadi Shirazi are still widely read and revered today. Society will try to hold a monthly Poetry Night meeting to bring all Farsi language speakers and poem lovers close to each other.

A wide range of styles and media, including painting, calligraphy, pottery, metalwork, carpet weaving, and music, from ancient times to the present day, Iran has produced a wealth of artistic masterpieces that have had a profound impact on the development of art both in Iran and beyond. The Society will regularly hold the event to expose the diverse art laid in Persian culture.

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