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Boxing (Essex Uni. ABC)



The University of Essex amateur boxing club was founded in 2006 and has become one of the biggest spectator events at Derby Day. The boxing club competes in both respectively the British University &College Sport championships (BUCS) and the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE).

Regular Training Times

Split into four 50 minuite sessions: 

boxing club

Mondays: 6-10pm, Studio 2

Thursdays: 6-10pm, Studio 2

Fridays: 6-10pm, Studio 2 

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Club Aims

  • Increase the participation amoungst boxers to compete within the BUCS and ABAE championships
  • Increase the participation amoungst boxers to compete on Derby Day
  • Further the clubs status as elite contenders in Essex
  • Host our own first open-air boxing show

Club Objectives

  • To provide a local facility for both students and non-students who are interested in learning the skills of boxing and wish to keep fit through boxing training programmes (boxercise)
  • To create an opportunity for those who wish to pursue the sport of amateur boxing.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Other Info

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