Swimming and Water polo

Regular meeting times, socials, events

Club Training:


Thursday: 8-10pm Colchester Academy SWIMMING +WATERPOLO

Friday: 7.30-8.30pm Leisure World SWIMMING + WATER POLO 

Sunday: 5-6pm Clacton Water POLO


Learn to swim:

Wednesday: 8-9pm and 9-10pm Colchester Academy

Just Play:

Wednesday: 7-8 pm Colchester Academy (Swimming)

Sundays: 5-6 pm Clacton Leisure Center (water polo) - limited tickets and specific dates


Tickets for Just Play are available at http://www.essexstudent.com/activities/justplay/colchester/


Social Events:

Events are held regularly throughout the year and are open to all members of the club.
There are social events for everyone's taste, from those who enjoy a wild night out at Fed, to just grabbing a McDonald's and catching up after training sessions!

Club Aims

As a club we aim to improve each individuals swimming be it to get them faster racing times or improve their stroke. We also aim as a club to make swimming more popular and accessable and to introduce those looking to do more with their swimming to Water polo.

We aim to have a friendly and sociable club whom not only take part in sport but also arrange and organise social events with the rest of the university to provide the best university experience for everyone.

Club Objectives

Our main objectives as a club are not only to improve the individuals swimming through style and speed as well as improving their ability to play waterpolo but also to progress as a team. Our objectives competitively are to participate in the BUCS league for both swimming and waterpolo and to give everyone the oppertunity to join in. Our social objective is to make sure that everyone feels like a valued part of the team.

Other info about us

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University of Essex Swimming and Waterpolo Team 2015/16




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Welfare Officer

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