Our Volleyball club consists of 4 teams, 2 women’s and 2 men’s. Our Women and Men’s 1st teams are performance teams with scholars, however if there are exceptional players, recruitment to these teams is possible! Then we have Women and Men’s 2nd teams which will be formed from tryouts and all are open to join! We also have Just Play Volleyball sessions for those who want to learn or those who want to play casually.

This past academic year has been an exciting one! Big congrats to our Women’s 1st team who won BUCS trophy and their league! They accomplished this without dropping a set and they have been promoted to the premier league. Men’s 1st also were also top of their league giving them a promotion from Division 1. Women’s 2nd team came 2nd in their division and made it to semi-finals in the Conference Cup.


Club Executives

Position Name E-mail
President Bailey Bryan brbrya@essex.ac.uk
Vice President Amelia Stamp aestam@essex.ac.uk
Treasurer Molly Van Essen Mavane@essex.ac.uk
Secretary Emily Bell Ebellf@essex.ac.uk
Welfare Officer Monika Kleinaite mkleina@essex.ac.uk


Regular meeting times, socials, events

Club Training (Sports Centre)

Women's 2 team - Monday 4-5 pm
Men's 2 team - Tuesday 6-7pm

Men's Performance Training (Sports Centre)

Monday 9-10am, 5-7pm (Colchester Academy)
Tuesday 9-11am, 7-10pm
Wednesday 9-10am
Thursday 9-11am
Friday 9-11am, 5-7pm

Women's Performance Training (Sports Centre)

Monday 5-7pm (Colchester Academy)
Wednesday 7-10pm
Friday 7-9pm

Just Play

Mondays 1-2pm

Club Aims

To have another strong season from our Mens & Womens 1st.

This year we would like to promote our Women’s 2nd team to the next division.

This year we would like all players to support other team’s matches and build support within the club.

We want to build on our impressive Student Cup performances and reach at least two finals.

Club Objectives

Train to full ability and work on skills to enhance match performance
Work on team work on and off the pitch
Enjoy the trainings whilst working hard at all times.


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Other information

To play volleyball we don’t require any previous experience as we have 4 teams, suited to all levels! Please come along, try out and enjoy. We will try to make your experience worthwhile and hope to see you soon!





Welfare Officer

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