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Meetings every Wednesday from 6-7PM in 5B.124 !! 


Amnesty International is an organisation of ordinary people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.
Welcome to one of the most active societies of the University of Essex!
Our first campaign this year is based around the freedom of speech and the violation against that in Turkey. Human rights activists and the head of Amnesty have unfairly been jailed! We want to raise awareness and try to make a change! We'll also be focusing soon on the Rohingyas massacare. 
Amnesty in the past:
Our Refugee Campaign was successful! We filmed a video with our wonderful members to raise awarness inside the University, and we have written and circulated a petition to ask the University to allow 10 Syrian refugee students to come here and continue their studies. We strongly believe in the right of education in a protect and secure environment, since thanks to education we can achieve great results for humanity! We also had a very successful Syrian Fundraising Dinner and The Secret Policeman's Ball (a fundraising event in which we raised awareness and support for people with albanism in Malawi. We also do outside campaigns - we collaborated with an NGO in London and had some outside speakers to talk about their camapaign "Justice for Seeta". 
Amnesty now:
We are currently campaigning for a variety of human rights issues such as the violation towards the freedom of speech in Turkey, the Rohingyas massacar, and refugee support. Each week we will hold campaigns, activities, fundraisers, debates, events... and so much more!


Come and join us to make a difference in the world – hopefully a day will come when we’re not needed, but in the meantime we must continue to press for human dignity world-wide.

Exec Committee: 
President: Ela Kir (
Vice PresidentNele Schuldt (
Secretary:  Julia Kedziorek (
Treasurer: Ines Ikhmim (
Campaigns & Fundraising Officer: Mathilde Fillion (
We meet every Wednesday at 6pm in LTB 3!!! 


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