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Amnesty International Society


Meetings every Wednesday from 17:30 - 19:00  in 5.300B 


Why is our society worth joining?

We are part of Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization focusing on human rights. You would not only defend fundamental rights and liberties but be part of our big Amnesty family!

Welcome, human rights defenders! Amnesty does serious research and does not stop there. From preventing and ending grave abuses to protecting freedom of conscience and expression as well as nondiscriminatory policies, Amnesty does it all. 

We know societies take time and effort in general, but when it comes to ours, we’ll make sure your time won’t be wasted! Last year, we raised £600 for the Rohingya Crisis with the help of our executive and senior members that you will get to meet during our first meeting.

We are ready to welcome you! Our new executive team has put a lot of effort already so you can enjoy the start of your new academic year! Currently, we are planning a march for democracy, campaigns and a lot more. In the second term, we will do what we know best! Our fundraising dinners are famous among students and professors. Also, we are open to members voting for new causes that they are passionate about. Work wouldn’t be the same without some fun! We are planning some unforgettable socials for the next two terms.

For only £5, you can have fun, enhance your knowledge on human rights and campaign for causes you truly believe in. Get ready to visit Amnesty London HQ and expect amazing speakers. In case this doesn’t do the trick, we are eager to announce that our socials are going to be legendary!

Join Amnesty International Society now and level up your Uni experience!


Exec Committee:


President: Reshmi Bibi (
Treasurer: Jakub Banik (
Secretary: Surdu Luisa ( 
Media Officer:
Karolina Mathesova
Campaigns Officer: Hassan Akhtar


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