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Who we are

We are the University of Essex Conservative Society. A society for people who are supporters of, or are interested in, Conservatism and Conservative Politics.

As the only Right-Wing society on Campus, we exist to provide and support a broad church of ideas. The society has a long history at the University of Essex and is open to constructive debate and new ideas.


What we do

We are a very social society; we have weekly events that transpire into great social expeirences. These include: Collaborations with other Societies, Drinks and Debate, Film Nights, Formal Dinners, Guest Speakers, One v One Debating, Port & Policy, Presentation Evenings, Quiz Nights, Top Bar Socials and more!


How to join in 

If you are interested in signing up to the society you can do so at the top of this page.

You can follow our Instagram account by clicking the logo at the top.

Our Executive

You can also contact the Executive here:

Nicolas Stephanou (President) -

Harvey Keer (Vice President) -

Lucas Pentland (Treasurer) -

Daniel Goodman (Welfare Officer) -

Laetitia Mourgues (Recruitment & Social Officer) -


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