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The Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Essex, (also known as CSSA-ESSEX) is a non-profit, non religion and non-political student society at University of Essex. We are the largest official Chinese student society on campus. Other than our regularly Chinese cultural events, consular support and range of services towards our students, we also provide fun activities, such as day trips, second hand good markets, academic lectures, skills sessions, volunteer opportunities, festival parties, games and competitions.

For non-Chinese students we offer Chinese and Cantonese lessons.

This is a great way to make new friends when moving onto campus especially if you have travelled far and wide.

We welcome all students who are interested in Chinese cultureor who wants to meet Chinese friends.

Come and Join us, and enjoy your membership discount.


Society aims

1.     To enrich the social life of Chinese and make Chinese student fit in with the local society.
2.     To improve the communication of Chinese culture and western culture, lead local people to understand Chinese culture.
3.     Help every Chinese students to overcome difficultes.
4.     To meet personal needs and answer personal questions if we are able to do so.
5.     Represent of Chinese student in Uni of Essex, giving better for our members.

Society objectives

1, Help every Chinese students and members in university of Essex in field of studying. CSSA would gather members to have communicated with each other for studying experiences.
2, Enrich all students’ of CSSA leisure time after school. CSSA has some sports activities such as football and basketball game for members. Moreover, we have some parties every year like fresher party, lunar new-year party and so on,
3, Spread Chinese cultures to all who are interested in it. CSSA also holds Mandarin class and Cantonese class with some cultural information for every member who want to study and learn more.


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