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Welcome to the ‘Essex European Society’


Mission Statement

We aim to campaign for European solidarity and bring public attention to the powerful potential of European Unity. We seek to encourage debate, participation and criticism because we believe these are fundamental building blocks to education and unification - no matter the creed, race and class.

Now more than ever, the politics of Nationalism and Globalism has taken centre stage. Yes, Brexit has been voted for but that does not and should not stop the debate of the politics seen especially within Europe.

We aim to take Essex back to the politically rebellious stage its history is based on. The present shows us that we are encountering an important moment politically and socially, Essex has not failed to participate in the past and should not be afraid to participate now.

So accept your calling as the next generation of Essex students.

If you agree - Good, if you don't - Even better.

The power of debate is what pushes us to improve.


Why become a member?

  • Experience!

We understand that an important part of connecting Europe is to experience each of the continent's cultures. We work with European Societies to bring you each of their rich experiences through parties, socials and events.

  • Knowledge!

During the next two years, Britain and the rest of Europe will be having important discussions over the role of Europe and the Nation.

These discussions will affect you and your future, so take part in our debates with opponents and friends. If you’re not challenging your own ideas we will do it for you

Have your say and be aware of what is going on.

  • Action!

At the heart of our society is the desire to make Europe a more connected place. We believe Europe’s future is unity and not separation and we will campaign to share that belief.

 Join our rallies and events. Each generation had a movement that contained an idea or a vision. This is our generation and this is our movement.


President: Daniel Crampton -

Secretary: Roland Pohle -

Treasurer: Theodora Bombassei -

Social Events Officer: Jake Foote -

Social Media Officer: Nela Le Hong -


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Essex European Society November Elections

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