Welcome to the ‘Essex European Society’

We are a social society with a political arm that organises fun and interesting events, such as parties, socials and more for all members to enjoy. 

Social events are the most important part of what we do at EuroSoc. As well as hosting our own unmissable events, we often collaborate with other cultural and national societies to create memorable socials. Eurovision is a key date in our calendar where we all get together in the SU bar to celebrate European cultures and have a good night with any other society that wishes to partake. As well as this, last year we hosted a very successful ‘European Food Night’ with 8 national societies with all profits going to the Trussel European Food Bank.

Our members get incredible opportunities, incomparable to any other society at Essex. As the only ‘non-sporting’ society to have football teams, highly successful ones at that, our members get the chance to join the team and play in the internal UoE league. As part of the JEF and Erasmus+ schemes, members get to visit other countries and be a part of the legendary youth exchanges across Europe! In the past few years our members have gone to Austria, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria and Italy.


As previously mentioned, the society also has a political arm. However, our members have a wide range of beliefs, from Brexiteers to hardcore Remainers so don’t let that dissuade you. This year’s Exec represent all three major political parties. Our society is often invited to speak in debates with other political debates, and we’re always looking for somebody new who would enjoy speaking on our behalf. In the past, we’ve sent members to speak on BBC Radio Essex about European issues and Brexit.  We love to invite high-profile guest speakers on a fairly regular basis to talk about current political happenings.


We also host our own interesting political events under three broad headings:

Europe’s Political Landscape:

We discuss key issues in countries across Europe, such as the background behind election results, regional separatist movements, and anti- EU sentiment across the continent. We invite our members to discuss their opinions on how post WW2 political history has shaped how we see the world and how Europe’s position at the forefront of the world stage will change over time.


Britain’s relations with the EU:

“Brexit means Brexit” - kind of, at least. It will be impossible to completely separate the ties Britain has with the EU. So, what are the rules and regulations that the UK is still going to be subjected to, how do these lead to conflict in negotiations, and how do these infringe upon the UK’s aim to be independent from the Union? We will discuss many of these aspects in interesting talks on topics such as Coronavirus, trade, higher education and data protection.


Inside the European Institutions:

We’ll take a deep dive into how the different European institutions work and how they interact with one another. We find out who the real key players are in Europe and what issues they’re most passionate about. Is the EU doomed to fail? We plan on looking back at the reasons for its formation and the treaties along the way for clues.

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Instagram: @essexeuropean

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