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The French Connection’s existence as a society is based on the idea that we should make the most out of the richness the cultural spectrum the University of Essex has to offer. Further than representing the university’s French community, it aims at promoting different features of the French culture on campus and give every student the chance to add a French touch to their Essex experience.

At the French Co’ (as we like to call it), it doesn’t matter if the only thing you can say in French is “Je m’appelle [insert name here]”. To feel at home, the only thing you need to know is how to enjoy the moment. And even if you don’t know how to do that, we’ve planned lots of opportunities for you to learn. 

We can’t promise to make you love France without having ever been there, but we surely can promise you’ll love its people. So now, bring on your curiosity and enthusiasm to our Freshers’ Fair stall, and meet the ones that could make your time at Essex legendary.



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White Party : an Enacus X French Connection event
Hudson House
The French Connection is partnering up with Enactus Essex to raise funds for the multiple ongoing Enactus projects!


Fresher's fair 2018

Our fresher's fair 2018 stall interested so many of you !



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