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Why does this Club/Society Exist: The Society helps unite the greeks of the university so that the can interact and help each other, have fun and maybe introduce the greek culture to anyone interested.  Moreover a basic aim is to promote the Greek traditions and cultures to all other nationalities

Why should members join? Apart from the financial benefits of the members, getting help with any matter is much easier within the society. So, anyone who needs help with a course, may find a lot of help by another member of the society. More, a lot of exclusive events and house partys will be available for members. You get access to Greek Nights where are done every week in collaboration with Cypriot Society. For all public and national holidays of Greece will be an similar celebration with all the tradition and food. In addition there will be many fun random events such as picnic, Halloween, cooking competition etc. Access to Greek style Celebration (glendi) with a famous Greek singer as guest which will be done at the end of the year.

 Other Points to Note: Anyone can join, learn about the greek culture (especially non-greeks can have Greek Language lessons). More there are events with traditional Greek  food and live music, a carnival party during which a lot of prizes are available. More details via email or to the always up to date  facebook group.


Discord: https://discord.gg/jM8aAs4Mpu


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