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Lovers of anything History look no further! If you love Tanks, Planes, People, Politics, Science, Films, Science Fiction… or in fact anything, it all has history! We have as much fun with history as we can.

You don’t need a degree in history, because the history society is about enjoying everything history has to offer. The History society is open to everyone who enjoys history.

We do lots of socials, from the Museums in London to the Streets of Colchester, we hold regular quizzes, film nights, and of course we visit the finery of top bar.

We annually host a huge Christmas social (with one of our famous quizzes,) and we also have some really big themed socials happening every term that will transport you though different eras of history!

We also have the time travellers project, where we go into schools and teach people about history, we run exam and essay help classes (that will help any essay based subject!) just for starters and we have an exec who are passionate about all things history and are ready to help!

Find us on Facebook under ‘UOE History Society’ or follow us on instragram @uoehistorysoc. Join the History revolution!



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