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    Silver Standard, 2018            

Home to the Human Rights Center, one of the largest research hubs for the promotion and understanding of Human Rights across the UK, The University of Essex brings academics across 11 departments and students from a variety of backgrounds in the hopes of furthering its rich Human Rights tradition. 
We, the Human Rights Society, therefore, aim to provide you with a platform where you can both tap into the wealth of knowledge accumulated through this tradition and help add to it.



Aims of the Society:

  • Developing students' understanding of Human Rights as a concept and framework through which to analyze political, economic, and social events;

  • Increasing awareness of Human Rights issues and violations across the world and discussion of possible solutions to them;

  • Fostering an ethos of support, especially through fundraising, campaigning, and volunteering, for those around the world facing real challenges to their Human Rights;

  • Building a community of politically informed and thoughtful individuals with a sense of reasoned compassion and a desire to remedy real injustices through effective action;

  • Creating a platform where Human Rights Students can develop their employability as well as insight into what it is like to work in the field through workshops and collaborations with the Human Rights Center.

Note: We do not affiliate with any political or religious group/organization and welcome all opinions; Even the concept of human rights is under discussion at our events and so, as far as ideas go, there are no sacred cows. Nevertheless, respect for other speakers and good faith are necessary for a meaningful discussion to emerge, therefore any attempt to attack persons instead of ideas will be met with two warnings followed by a ban on the third. 

You Should Expect:

  • Monthly Afternoon Tea debates focusing on Human Rights;

  • Talks and panels on various Human Rights related topics by academics and/or experts working in the field;

  • Events that collaborate with Political, Departmental and Cultural Societies such as our collaborative Afternoon Tea Debates with the Feminist Society, Amnesty International, and the Politics Society and others

  • Opportunities to improve your CV with Human Rights related volunteering activities and charitable fundraising; 

  • Careers events to improve our members' employability;

  • Socials – Dinners, Film nights, and also Fundraiser nights;

  • Getting a chance to chalk a step on Squares with an Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Exec Team

  • President: Asia Magagnin (

  • Vice-President: Maria Ciechan (

  • Secretary: Vanina Kuzova (

  • Social media and covid officer: Lukrecja Balbieryte (

  • Welfare officer: Raluca Sandu (

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