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 The Official Society for the University of Essex's Law School


 The University of Essex Law Society is one of the largest and oldest societies on campus. We provide a variety of events for law and non-law students, our career and social events being the most popular.


                                                                                                              What do we stand for?        


Bridging the gap between Essex students and their legal career, beyond the classroom.
We want to remove the stigma attached to going to a non- Russell Group university and enable our talented and ambitious members to access the wealth of legal opportunities   available.

 Promoting and celebrating our students’ diversity.
As the legal industry is making efforts to be more diverse and inclusive, we want to encourage our members to be proud of their races, ethnicities, ages, sexes, disabilities, sexualities or sexual orientations. We want to remind them that there is a place for them in the legal industry as long as they have the courage and determination to seek opportunities. There will be a range of career events celebrating diversity such as during Black History Month and Women's History Month.

Focus on soft skills.
As a society we believe that 'Your network is your net worth.' By expanding the firms, foundations, societies, and universities with which we are affiliated, we will be expanding   our members’ network. 


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