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 The Official University of Essex Law Society


Welcome to the Essex Law Society sign-up page. The University of Essex Law Society is one of the largest and oldest societies on campus. We strive to provide a variety of events for law students that focus on helping your career in law across all specalisation areas. The Essex Law Society is a place to connect with like-minded students at our university through socials and career events.

You will not regret buying our membership, because it’s FREE! We aspire to help the maximum number of students at our university. We understand that joining multiple societies can get costly very quickly, so we have decided to scrap our membership fee, and with Covid-19 being prevelent, we are forecasting a lot of our events will be hosted online.



What can you expect by joining our society?

Our main goal is to help you to derive the maximum out of your stay at the essex uni – from both a career perspective as well as a social and interactive perspective. By joining the Essex Law Society, we can help you with the following:

Pushing to be your best self, for your future.

Law is an incredibly competitive and hard-working career path, whether it be as a practicing barrister, a city commercial lawyer, or as a role in the government (to name a few). Of course you need to make the most of your time at the university to distinguish yourself from the other candidates.  We have prepared, and are continously working to create events, seminars and competitions for you, to have the best opportunity to improve your best 'self' for your future area of legal practice that you are passionate about.

Here is what you can expect from our society (so far) during the academic year 2020/2021: 


The British Inter University Commercial Awareness Competition (BIUCAC 2020)

The Essex Law Society is organising, and participating in the largest student-led commercial awareness competition in the UK called BIUCAC. We will be competing against 30 other British Law Societies. This competition is focused on those interested in working in business and commercial law. The key ingredient to being successful in these areas is 'commercial awareness'. You can learn a lot about commercial awareness throughout this project, and better be ready for a career in commercial law.

Applications are open now, go to the following website and click on The Essex Law Society, to sign up for the competition!


What are the career paths after my law degree?

(A panel event with guest speakers from five different law professions)

Our first induction to begin the October term will be the 'What are the career paths after my law degree" event. This is catered to 1st year students and even second and third years who may be unsure about the potential future possibilities after studying law here at Essex. This event will feature five guest speakers including a practicing barrister, an in-house lawyer, a commercial solicitor, an academic and a government lawyer. 

This event will feature a series of questions directed to each of the guest speakers, to provide a breadth of insight into their daily life. This will be subsquently followed by a Q&A to allow students to ask questions, and a following networking session to allow students to meet these lawyers and academics to learn more.

Coming October 2020.

Negotiation workshops & (Competition)

An upcoming event for the Autumn/Spring term will be the negotiation workshops and competition. These will feature a team-based (3 law students) series of workshops and eventual competition, with the objective of 'to negotiate the best possible deal'.

These events will be peer assessed and have the focus of self-development. Negotiation is a skill that can be developed expansively, and the Essex Law Society, will focus on creating an environment where aspiring lawyers can develop this key-core skill. 

The negotiation event will be an equivalent of an assessment centre scenario, with the less pressurising atmosphere to enable students to develop for their future career goals. The criteria of the scenarios will feature sponsorship agreements, banking, M&A and private client settlement disputes.

More to come soon!


“Making it to the City guide 101”  

We are aware that many students struggle with the process of law firm applications and we know that it can get really frustrating and worrysome for newly-come students. Therefore, we are currently working on a guide and video series specifically tailored for Essex students in order to ensure you have the best prospects of securing a vacation scheme/training contract.

More details to come soon!


How to become a barrister?

The Essex Law Society Executive Commitee 2020/2021 is committed to bringing a diversity of events to the Essex Law School. Therefore our first agenda was to bring on board two talented and gifted Bar Officers, who will focus on delivering to the Essex Law Society a various set of webinars and events with guest barrister speakers on bar related events. Including but not limited to, the process of applying to chambers, mini-pupilages, work experience, specialising and more.

We are hard at work on bar related events for Essex Law Society students, with more to be announced soon!


Making connections for a life-time

Last but not least, your stay at Essex can be an opportunity to make lasting great friendships. The next year may unfortunately be one of the most challenging years we have experienced with the circumstances of COVID-19. The Essex Law Society Committee understands and will take critical measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students. We are therefore moving many of our events online, and still pushing for whenever we can to have physical events with safety precautions in place!

Socials for the Essex Law Society, will be priority for the society, to truly have a society presence! With the developments of the pandemic, we will take every step we can to create social environments for our members, to feel included, safe and have an enjoyable time as a member of this society.

Thank you.

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