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We are all about making close friends, organizing super fun events and aiming to make our members' stay in Essex a memorable one by sharing our colourful Malaysian culture with everyone. Grab the opportunity to meet and network with people who could know about certain opportunities and help you in future excursions. They may invite you to join in other activities outside the society and you will meet even more people and maybe enhance your CV.

And not to forget, the taste of the DELICIOUS MALAYSIAN FOOD!

Also, want to know something cool?

We are such a cool society that we have managed to grab some pretty cool awards over the years:

2012 Golden Guilds Awards Best Event Of The Year -  MALAYSIAN FESTIVAL

2014 Society Standard Award - BRONZE

2015 Society Standard Award - GOLD and International Event of the Year

2016 Society Standard Award-  GOLD

2016 Society Standard Award - Most Active Society of The Year

2016 Society Standard Award - Best Event of The Year for Malaysian Night 

2017 Society Standard Award - SILVER

2017 Society Standard Award - Kick-Ass Membership

2018 Society Standard Award - Kick-Ass Membership

2018 Society Standard Award - Most Active Society of The Year

2019 The Golden Guild Award - Kick-Ass Membership 

2019 The Golden Guild Award - GOLD

2019 The Golden Guild Award - Most Active

2019 The Golden Guild Award - Event of the Year 

2020 Society Standard Award - SILVER

2021 Society Standard Award-  GOLD


So, come and be part of our family, where it feels like home.



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