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 What is MUN?

Model United Nations is an educational simulation of formal UN meetings. We could parallelise it to a role-play where Society Members are transformed into diplomats in order to tackle political issues of international importance. Every week, a different problem is being addressed. Our Members pick the State they please and the debate begins! That way Members are being urged to examine both way of an issue even if they have a different view on the topic.

Apart from our weekly meetings, MUN expands outside of the University of Essex. A great amount of MUN conferences are happening throughout the UK and also abroad. We prepare our Members for such conferences and organise Essex delegations for such conferences.

The University of Essex has its own MUN Conference! On November (18-20) the University of Essex is organising its very own MUN Conference, MUNEx 2016! It is one of the biggest events of the year and we would be honoured to see you there!

MUNEx applications can be found here:

What can we offer you?

In our weekly meetings we are being introduced to the amazing world of diplomacy in an interesting and productive manner. Perfect for politically alarmed people, MUN offers you an actual diplomatic training via the Grassroot diplomat training program for university students.

                The Executive team --always alarmed and available to resolve your problems and inquiries—is going to be there to help you every step of the way. In the beginning of the academic year, training sessions will be held in order for everyone to be able to participate in the meetings throughout the year.

                Lastly, the participation in an MUN Conference can boost your CV, showing that you are a politically aware citizen and a diplomat.

When do we meet?

Our meetings happen once a WEEK and will probably be held on Tuesdays but we will confirm that later in the year since consulting our Members and allowing them to have a say in every decision is our basic policy.


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