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Important: Unfortunately, due to current COVID health restrictions we are unable to let members use the music room/piano rooms for the time being. We are currently working with the University to make sure that this isn't the case for very long. We really appreciate your patience and will let you know as soon as this changes. 

The University of Essex Music Society is a society for people who play instruments, sing, want to learn to play an instrument or just love music. We give our members free (!) use of drums, guitar amps, pianos, microphones and more in our practice room which is exclusive to MuSoc members. On top of that, we organise gigs to give our musicians opportunities to perform.

We host socials to help you form musical relationships and because, well, who doesn't love a social with like-minded people? Sometimes these socials focus around gigs or open mic nights where we support each other. We can also help with any music-related pursuit you can imagine, from lessons to radio performances to studio recording. We're currently working on a number of different projects and opportunities throughout the year so check back regularly or join us on Facebook.

We promote an enjoyable, sociable, loud and unique opportunity for people to engage musically with others. Here are our social media links:

  • Facebook Page: UoE Music Society  --  This is our public face, where we proudly display our achievements.
  • Facebook Group: UoE Music Society  --  This is our main method of communication, join this group to stay up to date on room bookings, performance opportunities and other news. You can also advertise yourself to other members here, discuss or ask questions.
  • Facebook Group: UoE Music Society -- MuTube  --  MuTube is our secondary group and is an informal place for you to share what you're currently listening to, or music you think we need to hear.
  • Google Sheet: Music Room Booking Sheet  --  This is the current resource for booking the music room. All members must sign an induction before being allowed access, get in contact with us to discuss this. **Note that this link will change soon**
  • Musician Finder: Mucisians @ Uni of Essex -- Here you can write down your name, your instruments, your preferable genre and if you're interested in joining a band or just want to jam. Write down your details and meet new cool people! You can go ahead and message someone that you find interesting through this spreadsheet.


Society aims

The main aim of the Music society is to provide opportunities for musicians at the University of Essex. From providing rehearsal spaces for bands, to organising performances on campus, the Music Society will work hard to ensure that music and talent at the university if recognised. Through a greater number of socials and meetings, the society aims to become closer and work with musicians on campus to target new ways of gaining recognition and support for live music and musicians on campus.


Society objectives

Our objectives are to have at least 1 social a fortnight and regular peformances by members in the University Squares and at Open Mic events both on and off campus. We would also like to expand our equipment so that we can target musicians from a greater range of genres. With greater membership and development of the society we hope to push for music to have a greater role in bringing atmosphere and energy to the University throughout the coming year.


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