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As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to the Pakistani Society page.

First of All:
New and Potential Members! Go follow our instagram @paksocessex and if you want to speak to someone; message our President Mian Ahmad Iqan on whatsapp at "+44 7479882433" with any queries!

This is a 100+ members society welcoming you with open arms!

Aim - Build a sense of community by creating an atmosphere where members can share experiences on traditional events and promote the culture.                    

Objective - To hold regular events that are direct reflection of our heritage.


This is our Pakistani Society Facebook Group:                                                                  

This is our official Instagram username:


          Our Events

  • Dawat Socials
  • Society Socials
  • Desi Movie Nights
  • Sporting Events 
  • Eid Events
  • Dholki Nights
  • Shisha Nights
  • BBQ Nights



There's nothing here at the moment. Check back soon




There aren't any elections running right now