The University of Essex Palestinian Solidarity Society aims to educate and actively spread awareness about the ongoing Palestinian struggle under occupation by the Israeli Apartheid regime. We focus on educating our students through various workshops and interactive events including, but not limited to, hosting history talks, discussion panels, virtual reality stalls, and mock checkpoints. We also focus on creating an easygoing social environment through our many social events, whether that be roller-skating and laser tag, or a simple lunch or dinner which gives students the opportunity to meet others within our society. We want our students to feel welcome at all times. Regardless of your level of knowledge on the matter, we are always here to help you learn more about the reality of the socio-political and economic state in Palestine, and ways in which you can stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. However, in agreement with SU guidelines, we will not tolerate any form of disruption or hate speech, with any underlying racist intentions. We have a very strict code of conduct that students must abide by before joining or participating in any of our events. Nonetheless, you will most likely see us around campus with our weekly educational stalls, so feel free to drop by and learn more. All students are welcome! We are excited to meet you soon!




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